Preparing the world to pass IELTS

Teaching the world how to speak business English

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Welcome to the BIZENGLISH Academy

Preparing the world to pass IELTS

Do you want to study, live, work in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia or any country where English is the main language?

If you do then you will probably need to pass an IELTS examination!

IELTS is accepted by…UK, Australian, Canadian, N.Z. migration.

IELTS is trusted by thousands of organisations, universities, employers and migration authorities worldwide.

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Teaching the world how to speak business English

Is your current level of business English holding you back?

Are you missing opportunities in English markets because your Business English is not good enough?

Do you need to sell more in English speaking markets?

Would you like to work in an English-speaking market?

Do you struggle to present to an English-speaking audience?

If you answered YES to just one of these questions then you should read on!


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Unique Development Path

You will be further supported via webinar sessions as well as having the option of one to one video access with your own personal English tutor.

How you will learn

You will learn quickly via a blended learning programme that provides you with a set of simple and easy to follow guided tutorials.

Grow your success

Prepare for any public presentation, negotiation, conference or interview. Your own unique access to our Learning Portal ensures your lessons are scheduled stored and organised for you, with graded assessments prove your development


Time and money saver

Our Learning system allows you to organize resources and plan your lessons in a suitable schedule for you. And we guarantee your success.

Build your confidence

Achieve effective professional communication in English in the shortest time. Your learning and improvement is then tested at every step of the journey.

Accelerate your career and earnings

Relevant courses ensure you are ready to deal with the following business skills and much much more: writing business emails, using the telephone, dealing with meetings, negotiating and clarifying.


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